he’s a happy puppy

we are the p o i s o n e d  y o u t h


1:03 minutes of stunned silence


Blue Lily, Lily Blue Book Trailer: What Do You See?


the finished trailer! book releases October 21st in the U.S., available wherever books are books.

Pre-order signed and doodled in copies from Fountain Bookstore.

Signed bookplates in Canada from Mabel’s Fables & in the UK from Seven Stories.

"That’s not what Gansey is to me," Ronan said.

"You didn’t say you don’t swing that way."

Ronan was silent. Thunder growled under his feet. “No, I didn’t.”


Clark Hecker



Protesters are angry about these strange negotiations to release protesters. What kind of practice is this?

September 28th

and tomorrow is study for biol day and by study for biol day i mean I’ll probably glance over my textbook a few times or something I really can’t be bothered trying too much rn


I feel like if Simon wasn’t there to answer the door, Kieren probably would have just had a full blown panic attack in the street…


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nineteen days and totally not counting until I find out if I get into the interview stage